Jan. 15th, 2011

Knox Alone

Jan. 15th, 2011 08:05 pm
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It’s the same routine every day. Get up, eat breakfast, go to work. Put in a full day, writing the column and kibitzing with the staff and researching the next column. Get a drink with the gang at Murray’s. Go home. Watch the tube, see if there’s a good game on.

And then duck into the Bar for a few minutes.

He goes to their room, and to the bar. He looks all over. And he doesn’t see her.
And he goes back home. And tries not to miss her.

It’s only been two weeks. But Rapunzel is all Alex can think about. At least when he’s not working. Or getting drunk. He tries to act like it’s okay. Tells everyone who knows her in Gotham that “she’s in Europe, dealing with a family emergency.” And there’s no reason for anyone out there to doubt him.

But at night, when he’s alone, or at the Bar, it hits him. He might never see her again. She might never find her way back. Or decide that she has to stay in Fabletown. Or be held against her will. It could all go wrong. And he wishes that maybe he would have said something and stopped her from leaving.

But he didn’t. And he wouldn’t have done that anyway. She had to go home. He knows that. But still…

He doesn’t linger in the Bar. It hurts to be there, alone. Better to just go home and have one last beer and get to sleep.

As he goes to sleep, he stares at her photo. He doesn’t cry – he’s too old to cry, right? – but he does sigh. And he reaches under her pillow and takes out the lock of brilliant yellow hair she left the time he gave her a haircut. “I miss you, Raps. I hope you’re okay.”

He puts the lock back under the pillow, turns over and is asleep. He dreams of her. This too is the same everyday. And at least in his dreams, he still has the woman he loves.


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