Apr. 17th, 2007

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His first thought as he woke up on a humid June morning was that the bed seemed large. Which was funny, since it was the same old bed he'd slept in for eight years. It wasn't the big new bed in his new apartment, or in his suite at the Bar. This could only mean that maybe it was a nice thing to have someone else in the bed in the morning. That made him smile as he rolled out of bed and got his day going.

He looked out the window into the alley, seeing the haze. The heat of summer was still further south, but Gotham had managed to grab its share of humidity, and Alex made a mental note to get an AC in to his new place fast. The air conditioner in his old place was just good enough for normal hot weather, and hummed something awful. It would be left behind with most of his furniture, a gift to the next tenant.

As he shaved and showered, he was thinking of Rapunzel. And her tale. If nothing else, he realized that there was a lot he didn't know about her. And probably a lot she didn't know about him. But he looked forward to correcting that further. And he was sure that even if he hadn't know all about her, he knew what she was about. The compassion, the spirit, the shine in her eye...he knew where they all came from now.

There was still a lot to absorb, though. He would never fully appreciate what she had been through. To lose what she had, to survive...that was her story and her burden. He could share in the burden by being her friend and lover, and by retelling the story (with her input, once he began writing it). But he could never take it away. He knew, though, that she would never ask him to do that. Raps was...well, he was beginning to think she was amazing. An amazing woman who could face the worst the world had to offer and still manage to find a way to laugh.

"Alex," he said to the mirror as he combed his hair and applied fresh clumps of tissue paper to his daily shaving cuts, "you are one lucky man."

A lucky man who had a lot to do. Moving day was fast approaching. So was Shufti's wedding. And soon, he hoped, that job offer would come from Bert Teller. There would be time for deep thoughts later. Now, it was time for breakfast, and getting his tux to the cleaners.


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