Jan. 3rd, 2007

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He hung up the phone. And sat at the typewriter, staring.

An hour ago, Knox called Metropolis. Called Lois Lane, and called in a few favors. Oh, and picked her brain. She was surprised to hear that he wanted to be a columnist. "It's not a fun gig, Knox. No second best work, ever. Angry letters all the time. And you think they edit your work now? Just wait!" But she was impressed that he wanted to take the jump, much as she had after winning her Pulitzer. She even suggested that he think about moving to Metropolis. "They pay better here. And the scandals are more fun." He said he couldn't see leaving Gotham, but Lois had a point. When Superman gets involved, very publicly, the scandals must be more exciting. (Shocking to think, of course, that a man who can outrace ICBMs and repair faultlines would ever go after corruption, but that's what makes him Superman.)

He gave Lois thirty minutes, and began writing his sample column. He didn't want to use the computer - he had no printer (or skill with the damned thing) yet. And while the pen that Rapunzel gave him would have been fun and comfortable to use, he needed this effort to be typed. He hoped that he could find a way to hand in the occasional column in ink. Assuming anyone could read his handwriting.

Six papargraphs later, he made the next call. To Bert Teller at PM. Teller sounded rather perplexed that Knox was calling, and even more perplexed that Lois Lane called on his behalf. But whether it was his name or hers that did the trick, Knox got what he wanted. In two days, he would be having a job interview. His first in 18 years.

He stared at the typewriter, and finally got back to work. This had to be perfect. The best thing he ever wrote...


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